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At Munster Distinctive Dentistry & Orthodontics and Westville Distinctive Dentistry & Orthodontics, we understand how missing teeth can significantly impact your life. Gaps between teeth can impact the way you feel about your smile and make everyday activities like chewing and speaking more challenging. Our dedicated team of dentists and denturists are here to help you navigate these challenges. We create custom dentures tailored in our labs to meet your unique dental needs, ensuring that you can smile confidently and enjoy life without limitations.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable oral appliances designed to replace missing teeth and restore the function and appearance of your smile. Crafted from a variety of materials such as acrylic, resin, nylon, metal, and porcelain, dentures are a versatile solution to tooth loss that can be customized to fit the specific requirements of each individual patient.

The Different Types of Dentures

Understanding the variety of denture options available is the first step toward reclaiming your smile. We offer both full and partial dentures, depending on the extent of tooth loss and your oral health needs.

Full Dentures

Full dentures, or complete dentures, are designed to replace an entire arch of missing teeth, either in the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both. These appliances sit atop your gums, relying on the natural contours of your mouth for support. For some, a denture adhesive may be necessary to ensure a secure fit. Full dentures are the traditional solution for extensive tooth loss, providing not only functional benefits but also enhancing your facial appearance.

Partial Dentures

If you’re missing several teeth but still have some natural teeth remaining, partial dentures could be the ideal solution. These appliances are anchored by clasps that attach to your natural teeth, offering additional stability compared to full dentures. Partial dentures are not only functional, allowing you to eat and speak more comfortably, but they can also help prevent your remaining teeth from shifting, preserving your oral health.

Beginning with a Consultation

Choosing the right type of denture starts with a thorough consultation. Our dentists and denturists will examine your mouth, assess the health of your jaws and gums, and take dental X-rays to determine the best course of action. This personalized approach ensures that the denture option selected meets all your needs, from aesthetics to functionality. 

The Benefits of Dentures

Opting for dentures can dramatically improve your quality of life. Not only do they restore your ability to chew and speak, but they also enhance your smile and facial structure. Dentures are designed to look like your natural teeth, meaning there should only be a minimal change in your appearance—often for the better.

Transitioning to new dentures may take some time as your mouth adjusts to the feel of the appliances. However, any initial discomfort or increased saliva production typically diminishes as you become accustomed to your new dentures. Our team is here to support you through this adjustment period, ensuring a smooth transition to your new smile.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Missing teeth should not hold you back from enjoying life to the fullest. With custom dentures from Munster Distinctive Dentistry & Orthodontics and Westville Distinctive Dentistry & Orthodontics, you can reclaim your smile and the confidence that comes with it. Our on-site denturist and in house labs ensure our commitment to providing you with the highest level of care, guiding you every step of the way on your journey to a happier, healthier smile. If you’re considering dentures or would like to learn more about your options, we invite you to contact us today for a complimentary consultation!

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